Aim for new heights in journalistic excellence with an electronic journalism arts degree from Northern Vermont University.

North is more than a compass direction. It’s the path you choose. It’s a way forward that gives you freedom to achieve more than you thought possible.

In NVU’s nationally ranked electronic journalism arts program, you’ll develop real news stories for real audiences for our Emmy award-winning campus television station News7. If breaking news and deadlines excite you, you’ll have opportunities to build outstanding skills in news gathering, storytelling, and production.        

B.S. in electronic journalism arts (Lyndon campus)

At News7, our state-of-the-art, real-world laboratory, you’ll explore hands-on learning at a station that’s provided community and regional news for almost 40 years. You will master interviewing, writing, using social media in journalism and production, and learn about ethics and laws relevant to the news media. And throughout the program, you’ll have opportunities to create a portfolio of work that could help launch your career.  

A great education gets great results. Our electronic journalism arts graduates are big achievers—and they’re big on networking. You may get tips about hot job prospects and wind up with a career at ESPN, CBS, or other top media outlets. And someday you might win an Emmy, like many of our alumni. 

View Degree Requirements

This link will take you to the B.S. in electronic journalism arts degree requirements listed in the 2017-18 academic catalog for Lyndon State College. Johnson State College and Lyndon State College will become Northern Vermont University on July 1, 2018. The 2018-19 NVU academic catalog will be available in early summer 2018. 

Associate's Degree and Minor in Electronic Journalism Arts

You can also pursue your A.S. or a minor in our electronic journalism arts program. Links will take you to the current Lyndon website.