Message from the President

Our location inspires the work that we do here and keeps us grounded and connected to the communities and people that we serve.

Welcome to Northern Vermont University.

This is an exciting time for higher education in Vermont.

Looking out from our two hilltop campuses, I am amazed by the natural beauty that surrounds us every day. The details of the views change dramatically with the seasons, but the rolling peaks of the Green and White Mountains that line the horizons at Johnson and Lyndon never fail to take my breath away.

Our location inspires the work that we do here and keeps us grounded and connected to the communities and people that we serve. It is a privilege to work in this setting with dedicated faculty and staff from both campuses as we advance our mission of fostering the intellectual, creative, and personal growth of every student.

While we look ahead to a strong future, we also remain committed to remembering and honoring our past. From educating graduates who have gone on to be leaders in their communities and professions to contributing to the local and regional economies, our Johnson and Lyndon campuses have been important forces in shaping Vermont, New England, and beyond. We will strengthen our position as a leader in higher education through high-impact practices and experiential learning and continue to serve our students and communities well into the future.

While each of our campuses is recognized for specific strengths – Lyndon’s nationally renowned professional programs and Johnson’s national designation as a COPLAC liberal arts campus of distinction— we also share many things in common. Our programs in the arts, the sciences, education, and a range of professions prepare students to advance their careers and serve as responsible and remarkable citizens in their communities. Learning at NVU takes many forms — in the classroom and in the field, through exhibitions and performances, scientific research and presentations at professional conferences, participating in and producing print and electronic media, and through engagement in service projects and travel. In these and many other ways, the NVU educational experience transforms our students’ lives and prepares them for personal and professional success.

At both campuses, you will find faculty and staff who are deeply committed to student success and to making each student feel a part of an exceptional learning community, instilling in students, whether Badgers or Hornets, a sense of pride and loyalty. Our close-knit campuses thrive with small classes that enable students to build long-lasting relationships with their professors. Our alumni networks are strong and share a rich history of tradition amid creative and innovative accomplishments.

It is an honor to welcome you to Northern Vermont University. I look forward to seeing you on campus and learning more about your dreams and goals.

John W. Mills

Interim President