Northern Vermont University is now part of Vermont State University! Please visit for accurate information.

Mission and Vision


Northern Vermont University (NVU) fosters the intellectual, creative, and personal growth of every student in a community committed to diversity and inclusion. We provide innovative professional and liberal arts educational experiences that prepare students to be critical thinkers and engaged global citizens.


Northern Vermont University will be recognized for its innovation and creativity, preparing students for success in a global economy. Our students will advance knowledge and positive change in a wide range of liberal arts disciplines and professional programs. As a public, regional university, Northern Vermont University will be the preferred choice for students who seek transformative professional and liberal arts education.

Building on the historical strengths of each campus, our faculty and staff will collaborate to facilitate conversations across disciplines, not only across like disciplines such as the social sciences but across disparate disciplines such as sciences and the humanities, arts and business, social sciences and health sciences, liberal arts and professional disciplines. It is only within this context that students will experience the necessary openness and curiosity for experimentation and inquiry needed to solve today’s complex problems.

Students will have the opportunity to learn on our campuses through experiential methods, high impact practices and innovative uses of technology. Extracurricular activities will support growth of the “whole person” including athletic programs that will capitalize on our unique position as a university and eclectic center for learning in the northern tier. Our graduates will continue to be sought after by employers as accomplished experts in their professions and leaders of their local, state, regional, national, and global communities.

Northern Vermont University will contribute to the economic, educational, environmental and cultural well-being of Vermont. Widely known as a leader in multi-disciplinary approaches to solve social, technical, environmental, and health-related challenges, Northern Vermont University will receive strong public and private support, earning a loyal following of its alumni.