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Teaming up — through disinfecting — to protect community health.

Custodial staff will clean and disinfect all common areas, classrooms, and restrooms at NVU daily.

To provide an extra level of protection throughout our campuses, disinfectant products are available for additional disinfecting in classrooms, employee offices, and residence hall bathrooms.

Classrooms. NVU requires faculty and students to disinfect their area before and after use, including the desk, computer keyboard and mouse, and chair. Monk wipes are available for use in all classrooms as are gloves and paper towels. Students were provided with protective eyewear in their welcome kits.

Employee offices. Employees have been provided with disinfectant products, gloves, and paper towels for use in employee offices. Disinfection of all employee offices, including doors and door handles, is the responsibility of the employee.

Residence hall bathrooms. Bathrooms are cleaned five days a week and disinfected on the weekends by custodial staff. Extra disinfecting supplies are available in all residence hall bathrooms along with gloves and paper towels.

All disinfectants require and/or recommend specific precautions with use. The following instructional videos and information sheets for each product give detailed information about precautions that should be taken.

Download All Safety Instructions

Classrooms, both campuses

Product: Monk Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant Procedure | Safety Sheet

All Residence Hall Bathrooms (on both campuses) and NVU-Johnson Employee Offices

Product: Enviro-Solutions 64H Neutral Disinfectant

Disinfectant Procedure | Safety Sheet

NVU-Lyndon Employee Offices

Product: QTPlus

Disinfectant Procedure | Safety Sheet

Northern Vermont University’s Hazard Communication Safety Training

SDS Sheet for Strike Bac

Hazardous Communication Training Quiz