Audrey Hoffmann

Audrey Hoffmann
Audrey Hoffman
Assistant Professor
Education Department
McClelland Hall, Room 107
Academic History: 
Ph.D., BCBA-D, L.B.A., Disability Disciplines Utah State University
M.S., Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis Utah State University
B.S., Psychology Utah State University

About Audrey Hoffman

Audrey Hoffmann is going high-tech in her research to improve assessment and treatment of problem behavior in people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. That means using iPads and other personal electronic devices to improve behavior and learn how people with disabilities interact with the devices. "I am especially excited to get NVU students involved in research activities and share with them my love of science and research," says Dr. Hoffman, who joined the faculty in 2017.

"It is exciting to use evidence-based strategies from the fields of applied behavior analysis and special education to change the lives of the young children, individuals, and families we serve," she says. She is passionate about "teaching behavior analysts who will go out and serve individuals and families across northern Vermont and New England."

One of Dr. Hoffman's duties is training NVU master's students to become Board-Certified Behavior Analysts. With a master's degree in special education, she also is working to broaden educational opportunities for students in early childhood special education. She plans to start a behavior clinic at NVU to serve individuals and families in the community. "This will provide a place for NVU students to get hands-on experience using strategies from applied behavior analysis and special education" to help clients and professionals in the field, she says. The clinic also will support agencies and schools that work with people with disabilities.

Dr. Hoffman, who moved to Vermont from Utah with her family, enjoys exploring the Green Mountain State. She and her family love to ski, bike, run on trails, hike, and camp.

Selected Publications

Hoffmann, A. N., Samaha A. L., Bloom, S. E., & Boyle, M. A. (2017). Preference and reinforcer efficacy of high-tech items: A comparison of item type and duration of access. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Hoffmann, A. N., Contreras, B. P, Clay, C. J., & Twohig, M. P. (2016) Acceptance and Commitment therapy for individuals with disabilities: A behavior analytic strategy for addressing private events in challenging behavior. Behavior Analysis in Practice.

Hoffmann, A. N., Halverson, H. A., Sellers, T. P., Bloom, S. E. (Under review) Implementation of Interventions for Problem Behavior Based on the Results of Precursor Functional Analyses in an Early Childhood Setting. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis,