Elaine Razzano

Elaine Razzano
English, Philosophy, and Film Studies
Vail, Room 459
Academic History: 
Ph.D. SUNY at Buffalo
M.Ed. Plymouth State University
M.A. Seton Hall University

About Elaine Razzano

Elaine Razzano is a generalist and proud of it. As an English professor and Coordinator of English Education, she takes a wide variety of approaches to teaching English, and to teaching teachers of English.

Armed with a Ph.D. in comparative education and wealth of travel experience, her classroom methodology changes not only with the subject matter but with her constantly expanding view of diverse cultures. A primary professional goal of hers is to help students view the world through a variety of lenses, and thereby become prepared to assume roles as global citizens.

“I’m always thinking about how I can bring my experiences into the classroom,” she says. “When I was in China, I picked up a pair of three-inch long shoes that women used to wear after having their feet bound. When students study Asian literature and culture, it’s one thing to tell them about these customs. But it’s another thing to show them.”

Although Dr. Razzano began her career teaching secondary school, she soon came to realize that higher education is where she’s meant to be.

“College students have such intrinsic motivation,” she says. “They work hard and make sacrifices to get an education. It’s a treat to teach students who appreciate what they’re getting.”

Courses Taught

Introduction to Literature
Global English
World Literature
Critical Thinking