Gregory Petrics

Gregory Petrics
Greg Petrics
Associate Professor Mathematics
Academic History: 
Ph.D., Mathematics, Dartmouth College

Northern Vermont University - Johnson
337 College Hill
Johnson, VT 05656-9741


About Gregory

Gregory Petrics joined the NVU-Johnson faculty in 2011. His doctoral research concerned the existence and examples of minimal surfaces in the roto-translation group equipped with a sub-Riemannian metric. In particular, he studied so-called "spanning" minimal surfaces that fill in "two-dimensional holes" in a given surface. Such spanning minimal surfaces can be interpreted a disocclusion of an occluded image. Furthermore, the mathematics behind this technique is believed to model the process by which the human visual cortex (V1) disoccludes images.

When he isn't teaching, Greg enjoys skiing, biking, and photography.