Justin Rito

Justin Rito
Justin Rito
Assistant Professor
Performing Arts
Dibden Center for the Arts, Room 203

About Justin Rito

Justin Rito practices three facets of his broad musical experience at NVU-Johnson: teaching, playing the piano and composing. Being at NVU-Johnson enriches all three components for Justin, who joined the faculty in 2017 from Michigan, where he was an adjunct music instructor at several colleges. "As a teacher, I'm excited to design a curriculum that demonstrates the relevance of music theory and aural skills to NVU students," he says. "NVU immediately struck me as a place where everyone on campus is dedicated to the student body, and I'm excited to be joining that kind of educational community."

As a pianist, Justin has welcomed opportunities to perform with NVU-Johnson's choirs. And as a composer and improviser, he says, he enjoys meeting musicians in Vermont and elsewhere in the Northeast and "exploring ways to expand the audience for contemporary music."

Justin founded the Hope College Improvisation Workshop, which reflects his research interest in improvisation in contemporary music. Other research interests are rhythm and transformations in music theory and music theory pedagogy related to incorporating compositionally oriented analysis into the general curriculum.

Justin, who was a resident at the Avaloch Farm Music Institute in New Hampshire, enjoys running, hiking, reading, cooking and home-brewing craft beer in his free time.