Mark Hilton '84

Mark Hilton '84

About Mark Hilton

R-E-T=P. It’s a formula that Mark Hilton’s students learn the first week of class and put to use throughout their study of business and management. Revenue minus expenses minus taxes equals profit: it’s the rule of thumb that he claims is common to every business.

“People get in trouble when they think businesses are more complex than they are,” he says. “Everybody needs to make a profit and, since you can’t do anything about taxes, the only choices left are to increase revenue and decrease expenses.”

His students spend less time with textbooks than they do with real-life examples. During a 14-year career in sales and management, he learned his share of lessons, many of which find their way into the classroom. Students do more than listen though. They learn by preparing business plans for local start-ups and feasibility studies for proposed expansions.

Professor Hilton’s is an alum of both Lyndon and its baseball team. “Athletics teaches many of the same principles that business classes do,” he says. “Teamwork, preparation, and personal responsibility. Lyndon helps students achieve their full potential, and this is one way of doing that.”