Robby Gilbert

Robby Gilbert
Robby Gilbert
Assistant Professor
Visual Arts
Harvey, Room 107
Academic History: 
M.Ed. Argosy University, Seattle
M.F.A. Vermont College of Fine Arts

About Robby Gilbert

Robby Gilbert (MFA, M.Ed) has long been interested in the intersecting aspects of many creative disciplines. This interest initially drew him to study animation, and he has worked extensively as an animator, illustrator, musician, and art director for clients such as The National Wildlife Federation's Ranger Rick Magazine, Disney Interactive, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, and many others. In addition, he has illustrated several children's books.

Currently, Professor Gilbert is exploring synesthetic modalities inherent in music and animation. You can keep current with the latest developments by visiting

Courses Taught

Philosophies and Formal Elements of the Moving Image

Intro to Animation

History of Animation and Illustration

Interactive Media Design

Rigging for Animation and Games

Character Design

Concept Art for Games and Animation

Visual Narrative

Animation for New Media

Language of Animation and Film

Motion Graphics

3D Animation

Game Design

Character Animation

Time-Based Media


Painting, Drawing

Image Manipulation

3D Modeling


Video I and I

History of Multimedia

Imagery and Design

Digital Animation

Animation Principles

Digital Media Production

Advanced Animation

Digital Illustration


Production Team

Audio for Animation

Animation/Illustration Workshop I-IV