Stephanie Giese

Stephanie Giese
Stephanie Giese
Assistant Professor
Business Administration
ASAC, Room 210
Academic History: 
M.S.Case Western Reserve University
B.S. Westminster College

About Stephanie Giese

Coming from an applied business background, Professor Giese's teaching philosophy is based on building experience and skills. In addition to mastering course content, these skills include critical thinking, effective communication, and work ethic. Further, she encourages participation, participation, and more participation in class, within the department and on campus. Professor Giese thinks everyone has value and life experience to add to our community. Students get out of their experience what they put into it, and in the process will enrich the lives of classmates and instructors alike.

Before teaching, Professor Giese's career was in management consulting. She began with technology consulting for one of the Big 4 professional services firms and then moved to a niche firm that specialized in process improvement and financial reconciliation for national health insurers. After years of consulting and managing projects with that firm, she became a partner. Training, mentoring, and coaching clients, staff members, and associates have been an element of almost every one of her professional roles. Training sessions have included varied content, such as process methodology, complex calculations, technical functionality, software usage, and professional development. This diverse, real-world backdrop has enabled her to enrich the educational experience of my students – traditional and non-traditional alike.

Professor Giese has been teaching courses for the Business Department at Lyndon since the fall of 2014. Further, she has been teaching related courses and conducting workforce training through the Community College of Vermont since 2009.

Courses Taught

Business Mathematics, Introduction to Business Software and Management Information Systems, Financial Accounting, Computerized Accounting

Advisor for the Student Investment Group