Timothy Saeed

Timothy Saeed
Professor Timothy Saeed
Assistant Professor
Music Business and Industry
LAC 341-E
Academic History: 
Ph.D., Music Theory, Louisiana State University
M.M., Piano Performance, University of New Mexico
M.M., Music Theory, Boston University
B.M., Piano Performance, University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music

About Timothy Saeed

Timothy D. Saeed is an assistant professor in the Department of Music and Performing Arts. He holds degrees in the areas of music theory and piano performance. 

Prior to joining the faculty at NVU-Lyndon, Dr. Saeed instructed undergraduate music theory and musicianship courses at NVU-Johnson, Louisiana State University, the University of New Mexico, and Boston University. His research interests include theories of expressive performance and analysis, form in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century music, and Schenkerian analysis. In addition to his academic interests and research, Timothy has been a performing pianist and accompanist for the past two decades. 

A big admirer of western European music, Dr. Saeed encourages students to explore traditions, knowledge, and experience brought forth by various composers. He is confident that profound knowledge of music fundamentals is one of the stages of students’ journey toward the development of their own voice in music. He teaches his students to learn from their predecessors and keep pushing the limits of what is available at the present moment. His credo is to help students see and experience music as an on-going live performance, structured, organized and yet free and expanding.

Courses Taught

MUS 1041 Class Piano I
MUS 1042 Class Piano II
MUS 1085 Elements of Music
MUS 1431 Music Theory I and Ear Training
MUS 2430 Music Theory II and Ear Training
MUS 2313 Music Theory III
MUS 2314 Music Theory IV
MUS 2910 Modal and Tonal Counterpoint
MUS 2917 Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory
MUS 1051 Keyboard Harmony I
MUS 1052 Keyboard Harmony II
MUS 1061 Ear Training I
MUS 1062 Ear Training II
MUS 1175 History of Western Music: A Survey
MUS 2740 Music Studies Seminar: Beethoven
MUS 3330 Worlds of Music
MUS 3350 Music of the Americas
MUS 2160 Introduction to Music Technology
MBI 1710 First-Year Seminar


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