Support Northern Vermont University

The Vermont State Colleges System needs an additional $25 million annually to continue to operate. 

Dear NVU Community,

Congratulations! The proposal to close Northern Vermont University and Vermont Technical College-Randolph has been taken off the table. This is wonderful news. Thank you for your incredible showing of support over the past five days. I have never seen anything like it.

Our work is not done. In fact, in many ways, our work has just begun. It cannot be business as usual going forward. I know NVU will rise to do the following:

  1. It is critical we secure funding for the VSCS to ensure NVU fulfills its mission of providing access to higher education and its role as a $113 million economic engine in northern Vermont. We are making progress in this regard. Please continue to remind your legislators how important NVU is to you.  Our elected officials need to hear that sustained and meaningful state funding of higher education is critical.
  2. We need to reenvision the VSCS and NVU. To be sustainable, NVU and the entire VSCS needs to work together to innovate and provide the higher education needed for our students at a cost that Vermonters can afford.

To that end, I ask you to turn your attention to the future. I said it before, “NVU is Community. Action. Creation.”

Over the past five days, we have seen Community and Action in spades. Now it is time for Creation.

There are many ideas flowing out there and we would like to funnel them to one place. Please submit your ideas below.

Thank you again for your personal support for NVU. We are now one Northern Vermont University. We are unified. With that unification comes incredible power as we unite as one.

Thank you.