Basement Medicine

Your Professional Writing Career Starts Here

Basement Medicine is the student-run, community newspaper on the NVU-Johnson campus and is the main hub of our professional writing, editing, and publishing program. Founded in 1973, the Basement Medicine office is located in the Willey Library and Learning Center and is fully equipped with the technology needed to produce a bi-weekly newspaper. 

As a student reporter, you will learn to write as an accurate and objective journalist. As a graduate, you will leave NVU-Johnson prepared for a career in professional writing.

A Newsroom of Collaboration 

You will start writing for Basement Medicine in the Introduction to Journalism course. While you learn the basics of news gathering and writing, your pieces will go through the editing process and go to print alongside features and investigative works by more seasoned student journalists.

As you move through the professional writing program, you will enroll in several courses including feature writing and investigative journalism that feed content into Basement Medicine on a bi-weekly basis.

In Newspaper Publishing and Advanced Newspaper Publishing, you will write full-time for the paper and gain real-world experience by working against tight deadlines, line editing articles, and laying out pages for print.  

Career-Ready Experience 

Basement Medicine is a real-world incubator where you and your peers will combine all of your skills to produce real, community-focused news. Your editing and interviewing skills will grow as you sharpen your photography skills, lay out the newspaper in full using Adobe Creative Cloud products, and post the news to

Leadership opportunities in the newsroom are available for students who thrive in editing, photography, and graphic design.

At the end of your program, you will leave with a resume filled with the skills you need to land a job at a community newspaper or other news organization.

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