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Searching for an internship or job requires time, persistence, patience, organization, the ability to bounce back from disappointment, and the confidence to negotiate an appropriate salary and benefits.

We will help you develop your search plan and move through the application process, up to and including negotiating an offer. Whether this is your first search for a summer job between academic years, an effort to gain experience and connect your classroom knowledge with your chosen profession during an internship, or a change of career after being in the workforce for many years, we are here to support you.

NVU shares job and internship opportunities with students and alumni through our online job board at College Central Network. College Central Network includes great resources like videos, podcasts, information sheets and online portfolios. Activate your account today!

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Organizing the Search

Keep a detailed list of the positions to which you are applying and the details of the application process by creating and maintaining a table, database, or spreadsheet. Be sure to keep track of which version of your resume and cover letter were used so that you know which documents you sent to each organization, the dates you applied, and the last time you contacted the organization.

Looking for Internships

One of the best ways to gain experience and establish yourself in a field is to participate in an internship—or, even better, many internships! And the sooner you start, the better—no need to wait until your senior year. We can help you explore your options and plan your experiences.

Negotiating your Salary

Another way we can help is to assist you in identifying an appropriate salary and preparing for a professional and respectful negotiation. Experience in the field gives you leverage when negotiating higher offers, and recent graduates (or those new to the field) don’t always have much experience. Here is a helpful article about “6 Things You Need to Figure Out Before You Negotiate Salary”.

That being said, depending on the offer, there may be some room to negotiate. The best course of action when negotiating is to be very prepared and organized. Do the research required to know the salary range for the position in your location and consider a counteroffer of 10-20% more than the offer.

Great Places to Start Your Employment Search

  • Discover, and regularly check your favorite online job search sites
  • Contact friends and family
  • Use the membership directory in the local Chamber of Commerce website
  • Peruse local and online newspapers
  • Attend as many career fairs as you can
  • Ask Beth or Amy for a list of sites that focus on your area of interest

Favorite Job Sites

Favorite Internship Sites