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Transferable Skills

The transferable skills you learn at NVU will prepare you for any career path.

Employers across all industries are interested in communication, problem-solving and leadership skills. They are looking for new employees to join their team. Employees who are able to collaborate, are self-directed and have a strong work ethic. These skills are learned in the classroom, during internships, while studying abroad, at work, and at volunteer experiences. They are strengthened through class projects, research, leadership roles and while participating in campus athletics, clubs and organizations. Reflect on your experiences and try to articulate what you have done so that you can tell a potential employer how those experiences helped you build relevant skills.

Three transferable skills that employers find most valuable in their employees are:

  • Communication Skills: This includes writing, speaking, and interpersonal skills. An ‘ideal candidate’ has the ability to articulate and present their ideas in an organized and concise manner. Presentation skills also contribute to your success in the hiring process. How often have you spoken in front of a group or class? Can you be persuasive in your presentation of a concept? Finally, employers are looking for someone who is engaging and enthusiastic. Your ability to connect with others demonstrates your interpersonal skill set.
  • Problem Solving/Analytical Skills: Think of a problem that you have encountered at school or in the workplace. How did you arrive at a solution?  Most employers derive revenue by solving problems for their clients. In recruiting for entry level positions, organizations are tapping into a new and fresh resource for creative solutions. This is where you can highlight your research experience.  It is also an opportunity to describe how you go about making a decision.
  • Teamwork: To add to your value, becoming skilled at sharing responsibility and working with others may be the most important things that you can do. What roles have you played on teams? Use examples of classroom group projects, sports teams, internships, and student organizations. What are the elements that contributed to team success? What did you learn when you failed as a team? Why do some teams succeed and others fail? This is not about building your resume to include participation in 30 organizations, but about demonstrating effective teamwork skills.

Transferable Skills Worksheet

Rate your transferable skills with this worksheet. After completing the worksheet, you’ll be able to improve your strengths and weaknesses.

Download the worksheet here.


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