Music Business and Industry

Reach your peak performance with a bachelor of science in music business and industry from Northern Vermont University.

Students with a passion for music and a drive to succeed in a music-related career will thrive in our nationally known music business and industry program.

In the music business and industry program, offered at our NVU-Lyndon campus, you’ll gain skills in internships at recording studios, music festivals, radio stations, and with other businesses to help you stand out in the job market after you graduate.

Our program will expose you to all aspects of the industry, from writing songs, recording your own music, and marketing music products to managing artists, promoting concerts, and booking tours. With our state-of-the-art recording studio, new MIDI-music lab and record label, you’ll build a marketable skill set with business and technical problem-solving fundamentals. You’ll choose a concentration in audio production, music management, or music and self-promotion to gain the expertise you need as you pursue a career. And you’ll collaborate with faculty who have stellar reputations, including a Grammy award-winning audio engineer who works with “Weird Al” Yankovic. If you’re interested in music recording and post-production, we offer a summer class to prepare students for the Avid Pro Tools certification exams in advanced functions of Avid’s Pro Tools DAW software.

Students can focus their degree on one or more of of three concentrations:

  • Audio Production
  • Music Management
  • Music and Self-Promotion

This multi-concentration approach is popular among our students as it broadens their foundation and encourages success in a variety of career fields including:

  • Live sound
  • Studio music production
  • Artist management
  • Concert booking
  • Tour management
  • Music marketing
  • Event management and promotion
  • Venue management
  • Music publishing, and more!

Pro Tools Certification

NVU-Lyndon also offers a two-week intensive summer class to prepare students for the Avid Pro Tools certification exams in advanced functions of Avid’s Pro Tools DAW software, which is the industry standard for music recording and post-production.

“From the largest recording facilities to the smallest bedroom studios, Pro Tools is the leading music creation and audio production system. Whether new to the audio industry, or a veteran looking to enhance your current skills and work towards an ‘Avid Certified’ credential on a chosen product, you will gain valuable skills while connecting with fellow professionals who share similar roles, abilities and objectives.”

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