Communications and Journalism

Make Your Impact with a Broadcast and Digital Journalism or Digital Communications Degree from Northern Vermont University

Communications and broadcast journalism careers are a powerful way to make your impact. And whether you want to pursue a career in print, electronic, or digital media or a related field, every workplace needs leaders with strong communication skills.

Northern Vermont University's broadcast journalism and communications programs are relevant and hands-on. You'll gain on-the-ground experience in creating, editing, and producing content that meets the demands of whatever career path you follow.

Whether you want to influence others through public relations and marketing; inform audiences through print, broadcast, or digital journalism; or master creative visual documentation and storytelling, our programs will prepare you to think critically, problem-solve, adapt to new technologies, and be an engaged global citizen.

North Never Stops Asking, “What’s Next?”

With our focus on internships and other real-world opportunities, you’ll get experience to help you stand out in your career by working for the award-winning and nationally recognized News 7 television station.

Our graduates are ready for growing opportunities in a range of fields: business, media, marketing and advertising, law, education, and other areas. You could make a difference as a sports information or public relations director, social media or corporate communications manager, news anchor or reporter, digital or multimedia strategist, grant writer or technical writer for instruction manuals, or in many other positions. Our strong network of successful, supportive alumni in related fields can connect you to exciting options.