Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies

About the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS)

Through Northern Vermont University-Johnson's certificate of advanced graduate studies program, educators with a master’s degree may pursue advanced, in-depth study in a concentrated area of interest. A CAGS program can be customized to address the current and pressing needs in content, methods, or policy. In collaboration with faculty and peers, participants design and conduct advanced inquiry projects to examine and resolve contemporary education problems. Currently, participants are studying topics such as co-teaching, personal learning plans, design thinking. and curriculum integration.

Unlike most CAGs, which typically start at 60 or 30 credits, CAGs at NVU can be designed starting at 15 credits (that is, five 3-credit classes). CAGSs also may be completed entirely off campus.

For information about our CAGS program and other opportunities for graduate and post-graduate study at NVU-Johnson, contact Cathy Higley in the Office of Graduate and Professional Learning at Catherine.Higley@NorthernVermont.edu or 802.635.1244.