Elementary Education

Make your impact on children's lives.  

Northern Vermont University-Lyndon's Education Department has been a leader in teacher education for 100 years. With a faculty of experts in the fields of elementary education, early childhood education, and special education — along with first-rate student-teaching internships — our program guarantees tomorrow’s teachers a thorough, hands-on, and attentive apprenticeship.

Extensive In-the-Classroom Experience — Early in Your Program

As a student in our multidisciplinary studies for inclusive teaching program, you'll spend significant time in actual classrooms in your second year, a full two years earlier than in many other programs.

Students who pursue degree concentrations in elementary and special education have a total of 369 hours of field experience before student teaching. For those concentrating in early childhood education, that total goes up to 509 hours.

This hands-on preparation, combined with classroom work in the theories and principles of inclusive education, means that you'll stand out to prospective employers. Graduates from NVU-Lyndon reported a 100 percent job placement rate in our 2016 graduate survey.

Teaching is Learning

Our goals reflect the unifying theme of our campus-wide teaching programs: “Teaching is Learning.” The NVU-Lyndon Education Department goals are:

• To prepare students to meet the competencies defined by the Vermont State Board of Education
• To increase students’ content competencies through the completion of a degree in the liberal arts and sciences, liberal studies, or interdisciplinary liberal studies
• To prepare students to be educators through extensive field-based experience in teaching and classroom work

To prepare students to meet licensure requirements defined by the board of education, competencies for every area in our program have been formulated based on analysis of the Standards for Vermont Educators and the Regulations Governing the Licensing of Educators and the Preparation of Educational Professionals. These program competencies relate directly to appropriate state and national standards. Development and documentation of competencies by students is facilitated by an advisor who is a specialist in a particular field.

NVU-Lyndon offers three concentrations that lead to initial licensure:

  • Elementary Education - students who successfully complete this program will be eligible for initial licensure in Elementary Education (Kindergarten - Grade 6).
  • Early Childhood Education - students who successfully complete this program will be eligible for initial licensure in Early Childhood Education (Age 3 - Grade 3).
  • Special Education - students who successfully complete this program will be eligible for initial licensure in Special Education (Kindergarten - Grade 8).

Can't decide? Then complete all three!

At NVU-Lyndon, students can complete all three concentrations in just eight semesters! Students who successfully complete all three concentrations leave eligible for Elementary Education (Kindergarten - grade 6), Early Childhood Education (age 3 - grade 3), and Special Education (K-8).

Travel and Study

Because of special relationships with schools overseas, during the summer students have the opportunity to visit England and observe a variety of classrooms in English schools.