Health, Exercise, Wellness

Degrees in Alternative Medicine, Exercise Science, Wilderness Therapy, and More

From Here on Out, Everyone Will Feel Your Impact

Whether your passion is helping people or saving the planet, our health and wellness programs will elevate your thinking and prepare you to excel with a focus on internships, research, and other valuable hands-on opportunities. Our programs in this area have many career possibilities in growing and emerging fields.

With our emphasis on collaboration, innovative thinking, and strong faculty support, you’ll learn teamwork, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills to help you stand out in your career and make a difference in the world.

Expand Your Perspective

Whatever program you decide on, you’ll build adaptable skills, so you can make your impact in a constantly-changing world. Some of our majors offer a choice of concentrations to allow you to specialize.

Depending on the program a student pursues:

  • The natural science program has pre-dental, pre-med, and pre-med tech tracks
  • The exercise science and health sciences majors offer focuses in physical therapy, athletic training, physical education, and other areas
  • The psychology programs have concentrations in counseling, health and sport psychology, older populations, and children and adolescents

All of our programs are in fields with many wide-ranging career opportunities for you to be a leader.