Anthropology and Sociology

Experience the World with a Degree in Anthropology and Sociology

Detectives. Globetrotters. Time travelers. Anthropologists and sociologists are all of these and more, studying that most fundamental of topics: ourselves.

Anthropologists and sociologists explore the world’s diverse cultures and social behaviors — from the beginning of time to ten minutes ago. They investigate the overlapping social structures of family, economy, politics, education, religion, and media that both form and inform our behavior and relationships.

Students in this program probe such diverse topics as art, environment, evolution, symbolism, values, healing, and religion to understand the range of cultural and biological differences among the world’s peoples. They study how the distribution of power affects issues of social justice and sustainability. Courses such as “Anthropology of Death,” “Gender and Society,” and “Religion, Culture and Alternate Realities” provide a global perspective on topics that have shaped civilization. 

This major is a popular choice for students considering graduate study or careers in social work, law and criminal justice, politics, policy analysis, and public administration.

Students in the B.A. in global studies program at our NVU-Lyndon campus can also pursue a concentration in anthropology and sociology. We also offer related minors in Global Studies, Gender Studies, and Wellness and Alternative Medicine