Interdisciplinary Studies

Find Your Direction with a Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Northern Vermont University

The interdisciplinary studies major allows you to design your own customized program of study. Working with your advisor, you’ll identify the disciplines or groups of disciplines you want to study, then submit a detailed program proposal describing the relationships among three areas of study you choose to pursue. 

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program Committee will review your proposal, along with your transcript and a plan of study, and recommend revisions or clarifications as needed. Once your proposal is approved, you will officially be an interdisciplinary studies major. You’ll continue to work with your advisor throughout the program to make sure you’re on track to meet requirements.

You’ll fulfill the general education core curriculum as you complete your self-designed program of study, learning how history’s great thinkers have tackled the problems of their time and gaining skills in critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving — skills in high demand in the job market whatever your career path.