Theater and Drama

Reach New Heights with a Theater and Drama Degree from Northern Vermont University

The heart of the NVU-Johnson theater and drama curriculum is the stage. Combining classroom instruction with hands-on production, you'll get plenty of real-life experience as you develop skills related to scripts, lines, blocking, set design, lighting, and more.

NVU-Johnson theater productions at the Dibden Center for the Arts on campus will be an important part of your education as a testing ground for techniques you explore in class, You’ll expand your repertoire with core courses in literature, voice, Shakespeare, theater history, and advanced dramatic literature.

A Hands-On Focus

To prepare you for a theater career, our faculty won’t run your shows — you will. Write and direct your own play. Design and build the set. Manage the front office. Prepare the program, and promote the performance. By coordinating every aspect of a theater production, you'll enter the world of professional theater with a big advantage.

Your two senior capstone courses will prepare you further for your career. In the first course, you will build your portfolio by single-handedly designing and completing a project in any one, or a combination of, our concentrations. In the second course, you'll master important aspects of the theater profession, including audition preparation, resume and portfolio creation, self-marketing, and interviewing for jobs.