Follow your direction with our new pre-nursing program in conjunction with Vermont Technical College.

Nurses support the health and well-being of society – they are the backbone of our healthcare system in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctors' offices, home health agencies, and private care centers. Now you can enter and advance in this in-demand field through this new pre-nursing program based at Northern Vermont University’s Lyndon campus.

NVU’s new pre-nursing program offers you entry onto a graduated career ladder. You’ll begin in a pre-nursing year, taking courses that prepare you for Vermont Tech’s Practical Nursing program (Year 2) and Associate of Science in Nursing (Year 3). 

During Year 1, you’ll apply (by December 1) to Vermont Tech to continue on the Year 2 and Year 3 program ladder. Successful completion of Year 1 courses guarantees you a seamless entry into the Vermont Tech program. 

All of your Vermont Tech coursework for the first (pre-nursing), second (Practical Nursing - PN) and third (Associate of Science in Nursing - ADN) years of this program, including skills and simulation labs, will be based right here on the NVU-Lyndon campus.

After you receive your ADN through this NVU-Vermont Tech partnership, you can go on to get your bachelor’s in nursing (BSN) directly through Vermont Tech. 

Requirements for Admission to Vermont Technical College’s Practical Nursing Program 

NVU nursing students must apply to Vermont Tech by December 1. Successful entry requires meeting admittance standards to move into the second and third year of courses. Students must attain at least a 3.0 (B average) and individual grades must all be a C or better in the mathematics and science courses listed in the first blue drop down below during their pre-nursing year at NVU. In addition, students must earn a B or better in both Human Anatomy and Physiology courses.