Northern Vermont University is now part of Vermont State University! Please visit for accurate information.

From Here on Out, Everyone Will Feel Your Impact

In our programs, you’ll learn science by doing science — in the field, in the lab, in internships. As you put science into practice, you will work with faculty on cutting-edge research, problem-solve to reach scientific conclusions, and prepare to be a leader in the field you choose.

You’ll get personal attention from your professors as you explore the fascinating new directions of science. With our liberal-arts focus on critical thinking and collaboration, you’ll be ready for a career in areas ranging from climate change, renewable energy, and broadcasting to government, education, and medicine.


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Northern Vermont University will join with Castleton University and Vermont Technical College to become Vermont State University on July 1, 2023. Learn more and apply for fall 2023.

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We Stand as a Destination for Elevated Thinking

Our programs emphasize real-world experience, innovation, and creative solutions. That will help you develop the adaptable skills you’ll need, no matter where you go — and help you make your impact.

Here are some program features:

  • As a student in our nationally recognized atmospheric sciences program, you’ll focus on a high-demand area of the field by choosing a concentration in broadcasting, climate change, graduate school, national weather service/military, or private industry
  • Students in our new climate change science program work with highly respected faculty who do climate change research that impacts government and business initiatives
  • As a biology or biology/field naturalist student, you will choose a general, naturalist, or pre-med concentration
  • If you’re a natural science student, you’ll prepare for a career in the booming health care field with either a pre-dental, pre-med, or pre-med tech track

Our programs in environmental science and sustainability studies are in fields with many wide-ranging career opportunities for you to be a leader, from public policy and law to sustainable food production.