Climate Change Science

North sees straight to the problem and gets straight to fixing it.

The new climate change science program at NVU-Lyndon prepares students with a passion for environmental issues to become effective leaders and problem-solvers. This innovative program allows students to understand climate change in an interdisciplinary manner: you’ll develop a strong foundation in atmospheric and environmental sciences, including biology, chemistry, and geology, as well as the communication skills needed to become an effective advocate.

One of the first programs of its kind in the nation, our climate change science program offers small classes and a supportive faculty who will challenge you to grow as a scientist and leader in this critical field.

Beyond the Classroom

In addition to your coursework, you have a range of opportunities to build your skills and widen your perspective with internships and extracurricular activities. The Climate Consensus group gives you a chance to be involved with community outreach. Members have visited local K-12 schools, participated in climate marches, and facilitated on-campus community events, such as movie screenings and lectures and helping organize campus Earth Day activities. Our students also have the opportunity to generate content for the organization’s website and manage social media channels.

Hands-on Opportunities

Climate change science students will work closely with atmospheric sciences students and have many opportunities to participate in department events. For example, NVU-Lyndon’s student chapter of The American Meteorological Society/National Weather Association is an award-winning, student-run club which organizes fundraisers, hikes, and social gatherings. The club also hosts the annual Northeastern Storm Conference, the largest and longest-running student-organized weather conference in the nation.

You’ll graduate from the program with a degree and academic experience that have prepared you to make a real difference with one of the planet’s biggest challenges.