Natural Science

Elevate Your Thinking with a B.S. Degree in Natural Science from Northern Vermont University

Students in this program are fascinated by the complexity and dynamism of the natural world, and they're curious and creative about how to address the issues facing our planet.

The natural science program at NVU-Lyndon provides a diverse foundation of scientific knowledge that will help you plan your next move. Whether you want to attend graduate school or pursue medical training, teaching, or a science career, the natural science program will prepare you to reach your goals.

You'll build on a core of classes in biology, chemistry, geology, and physics and as you move into upper-level coursework, you'll have the flexibility to focus on the subject areas that fit your professional goals and interests.

Medical Tracks to Build Your Expertise

If you plan to pursue a medical career, you can prepare for advanced training in our natural science program. By focusing on the pre-health professional curriculum, you'll have an advantage when you apply to programs in medicine, dentistry, medical technology, and related fields after completing your bachelor's degree.

The curriculum includes courses typically required by medical and dental schools. You should find out the exact requirements from the institutions you plan to apply to. Although you may apply to professional health schools with a bachelor’s degree in any field, a natural science degree will give you an advantage in the competitive application process.

We offer three career-specific tracks for you to focus your natural science studies:

• Pre-Dental
• Pre-Med
• Pre-Med Tech

Secondary Licensure

Students who earn a bachelor of science degree in natural science are eligible to pursue endorsement for secondary education teacher licensure. Learn more about licensure requirements here.