Environmental Science (B.S.) -Johnson Campus

About Environmental Science at NVU-Johnson

Environmental science students at Northern Vermont University-Johnson choose between two concentrations:

Our program provides students with essential training to become environmental consultants, scientists, and regulators.

You’ll explore the impact humans have on the environment as well as the economic, social, and political implications of our actions. You’ll take courses in ecology, meteorology, biology, chemistry, physics, and geoscience, taught by experienced faculty who conduct research in those fields. Lectures, laboratory research, fieldwork, and internship opportunities round out the program, providing the knowledge and problem-solving skills to prepare you to study further at a top graduate school or to start a successful career.

Secondary Licensure

Students who earn a bachelor of science degree in environmental science at NVU-Johnson are eligible to pursue endorsement for secondary education teacher licensure. Learn more about licensure requirements here.