Avalanche-AIARE Level 1

Avalanche-AIARE Level 1

Skill up with Avalanche-AIARE Level 1.

Date: December 19-21, 2020
Duration: Three days
Location: Mt. Washington, New Hampshire
Cost: $395
Instructor: Dr. Ben Mirkin

Conditions in the backcountry can change at any moment — be prepared with Avalanche-AIARE Level 1 training.One male student measures density and height of snow pack as three others watch.

The AIARE 1* course is a three-day, 24-hour introduction to decision-making tools that help groups manage risk while traveling in avalanche terrain.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify critical skills needed to prepare for backcountry trips
  • Understand basic decision making while in the field
  • Master rescue techniques required to find and dig up a person buried by an avalanche

*Northern Vermont University is an AIARE certified provider of avalanche education.

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Ann Nygard, Director of Center for Professional Studies