Online Data Analytics Boot Camp

Online Data Analytics Boot Camp

Robot-proof Your Career

Date: September 14-November 20, 2020
Cost: $1499
Online with an anticipated time commitment of 3-5 hours per week. 


Robot-proof your career with our Online Data Analytics Boot Camp. The world we live in revolves around data and employees need to understand the language of data no matter the industry. In this ten-week online course, you'll master the fundamentals of data analytics, learn the basics of data science, and leave prepared for a career in our data-driven world. 

A Program for Problem Solvers, Analysts, and Strategic Thinkers

This program is for those looking to gain a foundational understanding of data and how it can strengthen strategic thinking, and the decision-making process. Data enthusiasts that like problem solving, have an aptitude towards critical thinking, and who are seeking a truly hands-on learning experience will profit most.

A User-Friendly Approach
We’ve put together a streamlined approach for you to build practical data analytics knowledge and skills in three steps:

  1. Learn fundamental data analytics concepts through bite-sized learning.
  2. Put into practice your new skills with sample assignments.
  3. Apply what you learn in a real-world project of your own.

What to Expect
In this 100% online boot camp, you have the opportunity to learn on any device on your schedule. As experts in this field, NVU faculty will guide you through a logical sequence of data analytic concepts. Meaningful assignments and practical applications will improve understanding and strengthen retention. A real-world, mentored capstone project will allow you to employ your newly developed data analytic skills in a supportive environment. 

100% Online
Take online data analytics boot camps that fit your schedule

3-5 Hours per Week
Complete your boot camps in record time.

10 Weeks
Learn the fundamentals of data analytics in just 10 weeks

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