College Steps

Earn a certificate of higher education with the College Steps program.

College Steps partners with colleges across the country to provide individualized college support for students living with social, communication, or learning challenges.

The program serves three groups of students:

  • Enrolled students for whom navigating college is challenged by social, academic, or independent living barriers
  • High school transition students
  • Returning students interested in our two-year certificate program

Each of our programs is managed by an on-campus program coordinator who seamlessly interfaces with faculty and staff and oversees our network of trained peer mentors. Peer mentors provide customized social, academic, and relevant vocational training support to College Steps scholars.

Visit the College Steps website for more detailed information and a link to the online application.

NVU-Johnson Program Coordinator

Sara Hatch

NVU-Lyndon Program Coordinator

Maria Coviello-Gould