Apply to NVU at NECC

Apply to NVU at NECC

How to Apply to NVU at NECC

Admissions Requirements

Students with a completed associate’s degree meet the admissions requirements for the Northern Vermont University at NECC bachelor’s completion program. If the associate’s degree is not in a related field of study to the bachelor’s degree, students can expect to need additional coursework at the associate’s degree level.

Students with 45 credits or more towards their associate’s degree can be dually enrolled in NVU courses. This allows you to experience an NVU course as well as accelerate towards your bachelor’s degree. 

Before You Finish Your Associate’s Degree

  1. Meet with your community college academic advisor and discuss the possibilities of an NVU bachelor’s completion program.
  2. Confirm which program electives will best transfer to your program.
  3. Meet with the NVU at NECC site director to outline an initial academic plan.
  4. Register to take courses as a non-degree student as you complete your associate’s degree.

After You Finish Your Associate’s Degree

  1. Make an appointment with the site director to fill out an NVU application.
  2. Have all official college transcripts sent to Northern Vermont University.
  3. Register for classes.
  4. Attend orientation.

Apply to NVU at NECC Online

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