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Title III

What is Title III?

Over forty years ago, the U.S. Congress recognized the critical need to assure that the benefits of a higher education be made accessible to everyone. Title III of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) was enacted to provide federal assistance for a program to strengthen and improve the academic quality, strengthen the administrative capacity, and establish an endowment fund to achieve growth and self-sufficiency for developing institutions. Amendments to the Act have altered some of the elements of the program, but it remains basically as written – an instrument to aid institutions, such as the Northern Vermont University (NVU), that demonstrate a constructive effort to strengthen themselves.

Northern Vermont University is proud to be the recipient of a United States Department of Education Title III grant. Funding for this competitive grant is allocated and awarded by the grant administrator for projects related to planning, faculty development, and establishing endowment funds.

Funding Request Forms

General Title III Funding Request Form
New Course Design Mini-Grant Request Form
Career Education Mini-Grant Request Form
Course Redesign Mini-Grant Request Form

The NVU Title III team supports a variety of efforts on campus in alignment with the goals of the Title III grant. Please feel free to reach out to these Title III representatives with questions about how the Title III grant can support your work.

Leslie Kanat, PhD
Interim Title III Director

Brady Rainville
Academic & Study Away Advisor

Jae Basilière
Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

Adam Johnson
TIII Research and Evaluation Specialist 

Dan Regan
Title III Project Advisor, Academic Affairs

2022 Trauma Informed Workshops

During the 2022 academic year, the TIII office, sponsored three trauma-informed workshop opportunities and professional development workshops for faculty and staff. These workshops were an important step in our community’s progress. With the NVU unification, threat of University system closure, the COVID-19 pandemic, and upcoming transformation, we have experienced shared loss, uncertainty, and pain. The trauma-informed opportunities offered space for the NVU community to come together and heal at an important moment in our University’s trajectory.

Creating a Trauma-Responsive University: Fostering Validating Relationships, Community & Healing – lead and curated by Dr. Mays Imad, Dr. Laura Rendon, and Dr. John Gardner.


2021 NVU Summer Inclusive Pedagogy Institute

Through the support of the Title III grant, the Center for Teaching and Learning provided resources and a small stipend for faculty to explore the following aspects of course and syllabus design:

  • Culturally responsive and antiracist pedagogies
  • Course policies and syllabus front matter
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Course accessibility
  • Open-access resources
  • Inclusive uses of technology
  • Facilitating challenging conversations in the classroom
  • Strategies for encouraging student learning outside of a policing context

“Nothing motivates the need for inclusive pedagogy more than examining cases where traditional pedagogical practices fail—and why. The discussions in this course, representative of a variety of experiences from a diverse set of skills and backgrounds, made me think about my own approaches to teaching—and my biases toward how students should learn—in new ways.”
-Bradley Beth, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science


High Impact Classroom Experiences:

  • Funding for actor and director Woody Fu was allocated so Fu can visit Isaac Eddy’s improv class to lead a session on improv acting and the session will be open to the public online. Woody is known for Lucky Grandma (2019) Pose (2018) and Roy Wood Jr.: The Avenging Ones (2019).
  • Funding for a new virtual student orientation program through Swiftkick was provided. The program’s goals were to: Connect First-Year Students to the university mission, vision, and core values; Build strong connections between First-Year Students; Provide specific strategies to excel within the first 90 days of school.
  • The grant provided funding for 20 students to virtually attend the International Symposium of Electronic Art with Associate Professor Sean Clute.
  • The grant brought a virtual program called the Mystery Feast to NVU increase student engagement around the very important topic of systemic racism.
  • Copies of X+Y A Mathematician’s Manifesto for Rethinking Gender by Eugenia Cheng were purchased as a supplemental text for Pre-calculus students. The approach taken by the author allowed students the opportunity to see how societal issues can be viewed through a mathematical lens, and how the mathematical thinking process can be used to seek the consistency of logic that allows calling foul on poor, inconsistent, presumption-based analyses that are far too common.
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