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See the World with Northern Vermont University

The world is ever-more interconnected — economics, science, the arts, and politics ensure that humans all over the globe come in close contact on a daily basis. You’ll spend lots of time examining these global intersections and their implications in your classes, but there’s no better way to really get a big-picture view than by spending some time in another country. Students on both Northern Vermont University campuses can take advantage of options to study abroad.


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NVU Johnson: International Student Exchange Program

Northern Vermont University-Johnson is now a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), which allows you to spend a semester or academic year studying abroad for the cost of NVU tuition, room and board, plus travel and administrative fees. You can learn more about this exciting addition to Johnson’s study-away opportunities by visiting the Advising Office in Dewey Hall or the ISEP website.


NVU-Lyndon Study-Abroad Options

At Lyndon, students can work with a number of international study organizations, including  AIFSCISKEI, and  Globalinks to identify the program and location that fit. Recently, students have spent a semester or a year in Spain, England, South Africa, Ecuador, Australia, Edinburgh, Ireland, and Italy. Students can also participate in Education First’s language-immersion programs during semester and summer breaks in locations like France, Spain, Costa Rica, Italy, Germany, China, and Japan.

Short-term Academic Travel

If a semester or year away isn’t in your plans, both Northern Vermont University campuses offer many break and inter-semester opportunities to travel and learn about new cultures and history. Some recent and upcoming short-term excursions include:

  • Trips to Russia; the UK and Ireland; Switzerland, Italy, the French Riveria, and Monaco with NVU-Lyndon world history professor Alexandre Strokanov
  • A tour of European sites important to the history of psychology, led by Johnson and Lyndon psychology professors Gina Mireault and Lori Werdenschlag, as part of a team-taught, dual-campus psychology course
  • Recent course-related excursions, such as business students traveling to Brazil and art students exploring the treasures of Greece and Turkey

2018-19 Travel Opportunities

At NVU, our curriculums go far beyond classrooms. In this academic year, students on both NVU campuses can take advantage of exciting educational trips abroad, and you can earn credits as you explore other countries.

Travel opportunities provide valuable cultural immersion: interaction with people in the host country, visits to important historic sites, learning about food and music traditions and, in some cases, getting to know families who live in the country.

NVY-Lyndon world history professor Alexandre Strokanov will lead these trips in 2019:

  • Russia in January — Tour the capital of Moscow, and visit museums, medieval fortresses, cathedrals, and other sites important in Russian history and architecture in various cities.
  • The French Riviera, Italy, Monaco, and Switzerland in February — On this Education First trip, enjoy walking tours, music, visits to a perfume factory and glassblowing shop, time in the Swiss mountains, and Italy’s famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, among other activities.
  • Japan in April with NVU-Lyndon’s Visual Arts Department — On this five-city Education First trip, learn about the world-changing history of Hiroshima; tour a castle, palace, and shrine; go to a kimono show; spend time in a bamboo grove; and more.
  • Italy and Greece in May — You’ll see many fascinating places and sites related to history, the arts, and other aspects of these cultures.
  • Russia in June — Visit Moscow, St. Petersburg, and medieval towns nearby, and learn about the culture by talking with Russian families, politicians, journalists, and businesspeople.
  • Australia and New Zealand (tentative, depending on interest)
  • China (tentative, depending on interest)

Additionally, students on both campuses will have the chance to travel to Morocco over winter term or Cuba during February Break.