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Billing, Payment, and Policies

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Northern Vermont University will join with Castleton University and Vermont Technical College to become Vermont State University on July 1, 2023.

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Our friendly, professional staff can assist you in answering your questions about billing, payment, and other aspects of financing your Northern Vermont University education. Information about our policies and procedures can be found below.


View and Pay Your Bill

The online bill pay site allows students and/or authorized users to:

  • Sign up for payment plans and automatic payments
  • Designate authorized users
  • Make payments on your semester bill
  • Receive eRefunds for overpayments

Payments made through this site may be made via credit card, eCheck (bank routing) or debit card.

Important Note: Billing notifications are emailed to students at their official NVU email address. Students may authorize designated users with whom they wish to share billing information via the eBilling system.

Accessing the Bill

Students are able to access and pay their bill online with their username and password once they have registered for classes.

Granting Access to Authorized Users

Students may authorize parents or others to:

  • Submit payments to student account
  • View the student’s billing account statement

Please note that being designated as an authorized user does not grant you the right to speak to university officials about your student’s education record, including activities that result in charges to the student’s account.

To grant this access, your student must indicate you have permission by completing the FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) release form, located in the NVU portal’s Web Services area.

Pay Your Bill

Northern Vermont University offers a monthly payment plan. The plan enables the student or authorized user to pay all or part of the semester charges in installments over the course of the semester.

Payment Plan Schedules

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
6 months: June–November 5 months: December – April 3 months: May – July
5 months: July – November 4 months: January – April 2 months: June – July
4 months: August – November 3 months: February – April
3 months: September – November

“Finalize Payment” means:

  • Financial aid process is complete, if applicable
  • Any third-party payment contracts are signed
  • Payment plan is set up, if desired/needed, and all payments are current
  • Health insurance has been accepted or waived online
  • Remaining balance after financial aid and/or payment plan has been paid

If payment is not finalized by the due date indicated, the student may:

  • Not be able to participate in varsity athletics
  • Not be able to begin student employment
  • Not be able to charge books to account
  • Incur late fee charges

Billing Due Dates

All bills are due in full, or have a payment plan or financial aid in place (or a combination of these) to cover the full balance due by the semester due date.

Fall Semester 2022

  • Registered prior to August 1, 2022 bills are due August 8, 2022
  •  Registered after August 1, 2022 bills are due September 5, 2022

Spring Semester 2023

  • Registered prior to December 17, 2022 bills are due January 2, 2023
  • Registered after December 17, 2022, bills are due February 1, 2023

Summer Semester 2023 

  • Bills are due May 8, 2023

Additional Information

  • Pending Financial Aid will not post until after the Add/Drop period so the remaining balance due after pending financial aid or what is not covered by a payment plan, is what is due by the above published due dates.


  • All financial aid paperwork must be completed in a timely fashion to ensure all financial aid can be transmitted. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all miscellaneous scholarships are received by the due dates. Frequently people assume we know how the bill will be paid. This assumption often results in the late fee and the financial hold. Please work with us to make sure that your account is settled. The earlier you respond, the earlier we can assist you. If your response is not received until the week of the due date, we will not be able to turn around information to you in a timely manner to help you avoid the late fee and a financial hold. Please respond early and call our office with any questions at 802.635.1671 or email

Health insurance is mandatory for all full-time undergraduate and graduate students not otherwise covered. In other words, if registered for at least 12 credits (undergraduates) or 9 credits (graduate students), students MUST either accept the university insurance or certify existing coverage through the health insurance link in Web Services (located on the portal home page under the Student Billing/Financials link). Students will not be able to do this until they are registered for classes.

Students unable to certify that they have health insurance are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan.

Wellfleet Student Health Insurance Plan

Wellfleet Student is the health insurance students will have and be billed for if they are not already insured either under their parent or other source. Proof of other insurance coverage is required at the Student Administrative Services Office. You can visit the Wellfleet Student website for more information. The Northern Vermont University Student Administrative Services office can also answer questions related to the health insurance requirement or the health insurance coverage provided by Wellfleet Student.

Part-time students are not eligible for Wellfleet Student.

Waiver Deadlines:  

  • Fall Term – September 15
  • Spring Term – February 15

If a student exits or is dismissed during the first seven calendar days of the semester, the student will be credited 100% of the charges for tuition, student activity fee, and room and board.

After the first seven days and before the end of the 60% point of the semester, students who are exiting will be credited tuition, student activity fee, and room and board on a pro-rata basis. The pro-rata calculation will use the number of calendar days completed divided by the number of total calendar days included for the full semester. After the 60% point of the semester, there is no adjustment for tuition, fees or room. Meal plans will continue to be pro-rated until the end of the semester.

Charges/Refunds for Adding or Dropping Courses

Students are billed for courses in which they are pre-registered. During the first two weeks of classes, a student is able to add or drop classes, in which case the bill will be adjusted accordingly and a supplemental bill will be posted on the bill-pay site.

Important: A change in enrollment may result in a change in financial aid.

Return of Military Tuition Assistance (TA) Funds 


Clearance means that all semester charges and any previously due balances are:

  • Paid in full
  • Covered by financial aid grants and approved loans
  • Covered by NVU online monthly payment plan (clearance will be issued upon confirmation of plan participation)
  • Covered by any combination of the above


Payment Deferral

In order to defer part of a bill, the student must meet one of the following qualifications:

  •  Be a veteran receiving veteran’s benefits
  • Be a social security recipient
  • Have pending financial aid that covers the student’s outstanding balance

Federal regulations require NVU to disburse credit balances no later than 14 days after the start of classes or 14 days after the credit is recorded on the student’s account, whichever is later. Note: Funds from Perkins and Stafford Loans (including PLUS loans) will not be credited to a student’s account until all paperwork is completed with the Financial Aid office. Refunds are processed each week on Wednesdays. If a student is due a refund, a check will be mailed by the following Monday.

Please Note

  • Students get faster refunds by signing up for eRefunds. Credit balances resulting from PLUS loans are payable to the parent borrower and sent to the home address on record. All other credit balances are payable to the student.
  • Receiving a refund does not guarantee that you will not have a balance due on your account. Subsequent charges or changes to your account may render a balance due after a refund is issued.


We’re here to help. Student Administrative Services can assist with questions about billing, aid, and registration and is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.