Audition Guidelines

Audition Guidelines

Reach the heights of performance at Northern Vermont University-Johnson and become a music education major.

In addition to completing and submitting an application for admission, music education must also submit an audition recording. Please choose one of the following auditions.

Classical Voice Auditions

Submit an audio-visual format with 7-10 minutes of music, including at least two complete selections of contrasting style and tempo. All selections must be memorized and accompanied, and one selection should be in a foreign language. Students may perform selections from the standard vocal and art song repertoire, the musical theater repertoire, and/or the folk song repertoire. Pop and rock selections will not be considered.

Classical Instrumental Auditions

Submit either an audio-visual format OR an audio-only format with 7-10 minutes of recorded music, including at least two complete selections representing contrasting style and tempo. A sonata movement, etude, etc., along with a contrasting piece that displays technical and artistic skills, are acceptable options. Pop and rock selections will not be considered.

Percussionist Auditions

Percussionists should demonstrate their ability on at least two percussion media - eg. snare, timpani, mallets, world percussion, etc. Again, no pop or rock selections.

Your audition tape can be uploaded to YouTube, SoundCloud, or another streaming service and shared with the admissions team at, or recorded and uploaded directly to your online application. Preferred formats for video submissions are MOV, QT, MP4, AVI, or WMV. Preferred audio formats are AIFF, WAV, and MP3. If you have any questions about your audition or the submission process, please contact Bethany Plissey at the email address below. In addition to your audition video or audio, please submit the following:

  • A resume of all relevant experience in the arts
  • A letter of support from a music professional (this can be a director, private instructor, or teacher you have worked closely with)
  • A personal statement about why you are pursuing your major.


Contact Isaac Eddy, Assistant Professor, NVU-Johnson