Become a leader in the technology-driven economy with a computer information systems or mathematics degree from Northern Vermont University.

North sees straight to the problem and gets straight to fixing it. North never stops asking “What’s next?” Computer information systems and mathematics students at NVU are forward-thinking, technologically adept, and quick to adjust to change. As a student in one of these programs, you’ll be encouraged by faculty and staff whose goal is the same as yours — defining your future and the path to get you there.   

Technology drives big data, quick changes in computer information systems, and growth in the sciences. It’s an exciting time to explore math and computer science, and NVU graduates leave prepared for in-demand careers. Our alumni go on to work in finance, business, computer science, education, engineering, programming, and systems analysis. At NVU, you will be successful in small classes with personal attention from faculty who will advise and mentor you.  

Computer Information Systems and Mathematics Degrees and Minors