CPS Frequently Asked Questions


I’m interested in returning to school. What are my options?

You can register for not-for-credit boot camps right away. Explore our offerings here.
Boot camps and other not-for-credit offerings do not require the GRE or any tests for admission. Some third-party certificate exams may have requirements. Talk with a counselor today to find out more.
Looking to explore all your options? You can schedule an appointment with an advisor to review your academic background and look at some next steps.  

I’m not sure of the courses I want to take. What programs do you offer?

We offer a variety of credit and non-credit classes and boot camps both within and outside of the traditional semester period. Check out NorthernVermont.edu/Achieve for an up to date schedule of not for credit education. An NVU advisor can help you explore all your options.

What exactly are credit-bearing courses, non-credit boot camps, and third party certificates? How can these programs help in my career?

You have the opportunity to access different forms of learning at NVU that will help you reach your goals. Boot camps are short-shot, condensed education to give you an understanding and key skills in a specific area. It is a good way to build skills quickly and make the most of your time. Third-party certificates are offered by nationally recognized providers that validate expertise in an industry or for a specific skill. We offer training opportunities to help you be successful with your targeted certification exam. For credit courses offer a good way to build towards an NVU degree.

Between my job, family, and other demands finding time to take a class is really challenging. How convenient are NVU CPS classes?

We offer many options to help you juggle the demands of work, school, and family. There are many online classes. Many of these are held in a hybrid format where you have the option to connect in weekly conference calls with the instructor and fellow students for real-time interaction. Many boot camps are offered in a condensed and intensive format to limit your time away from work.

I want to earn an industry-recognized, professional credential in my field. Can CPS help?

Northern Vermont University-Lyndon campus hosts an official testing center offering over 300 industry-recognized certification exams. 

Is financial aid available?

VSAC sponsors non-degree grants for eligible students through the Educational Opportunity Center Program or Curtis Scholarship. Call (877) 961-4369 for an appointment with a VSAC EOC counselor. Vermont Department of Labor also has WIOA monies that you may qualify for. Contact your regional VtDOL office. Employers may also qualify for grants with the Vermont Department of Labor.

How will I fit in as an adult student at Center for Professional Studies?

You won’t be alone. Center for Professional Studies classes have participants that haven’t been in a classroom in decades, current students at NVU looking to earn professional credentials, incumbent workers gaining new skills, small business owners looking to be more competitive, seniors who want to keep active, the list goes on! The common thread is that everyone wants to learn.  

I registered for a Center for Professional Studies class. Will I receive confirmation that my registration has been received?

Registration is a two-part process. You will receive an email confirmation when your registration is received. This confirmation will include payment instructions, enabling you to either pay by credit card online or forward the payment request to your employer or another party for payment. Once payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation for enrollment in the class as well as any learning material information. 

I am enrolled in a course, but I have to withdraw or drop the course. What should I do?

Call 802.626.4867 and speak with an advisor.

How can I prove I successfully completed the Center for Professional Studies class?

Certificate of Completion is issued for course participants who meet the completion criteria set out by the instructor.