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Pursue a Degree or Minor in Criminal Justice at Northern Vermont University

Student-Centered, Career-Oriented Curriculum

The criminal justice program at NVU-Lyndon allows students interested in a range of careers or who plan to go on to graduate school, to earn a B.S. or A.S. in criminal justice.

Our student-centered curriculum is unique, flexible, and allows you to focus on the areas of criminal justice studies that appeal to your interests. We offer summer, winter, condensed, and online classes as well, to work with your schedule and to make it possible for you to finish your degree early.

A broad range of course offerings will allow you to critically examine the criminal justice system as a whole. You’ll study traditional criminal justice systems, such as law enforcement, corrections, courts, and juvenile justice systems. You’ll also have the chance to explore contemporary issues such as terrorism, media and crime, environmental justice, and women, girls, and crime. No matter what your focus, however, you’ll graduate well-prepared for a career or graduate studies.

Unique Course Offerings

Classes like Investigation Sciences, GIS Crime Mapping in Communities, Advanced GIS Techniques, as well as a course on program evaluation and policy analysis (Criminal Justice Administration) will help you develop the professional, marketable skills you need to stand out in the job market. Our program also offers special topics courses offered each year, giving you the opportunity to explore contemporary criminal justice issues not often examined in depth within CRJ programs, such as hate crimes, the war on drugs, gangs, and rural criminology.

Criminal Justice


Cole Stillson ’19 wasn’t sure what he wanted to major in when he started at NVU-Lyndon, but it didn’t take him long to decide

An introductory criminal justice course taught by assistant professor Brandon Stroup showed him the path he wanted to follow, and he began making career plans. “The first criminal justice class just clicked with me,” Cole says. “I see laws as the representation of how politics or the opinions of people in power are expressed in public. I really want to be involved in that.”



Our faculty experts truly care about your success and are here to support and guide you on your path toward your degree.

A young police officer dressed in uniform, smiling, looking at camera, with police car in background.

“The program helps you make those tough decisions you’ll have to make once you graduate. It helped me get to where I am today working for law enforcement.”

Robert Trucott '13


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