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Cinema Concentration, Digital Communications Degree

The cinema concentration adds all the skills you need to pursue a career in film and video production onto the solid framework in digital communications you’ll receive in this degree program.

This concentration draws on  a strong foundation in the theory behind those who pave the way for today’s filmmakers, while giving you the opportunity to create a cinematic voice of your own through coursework that has you making films of your own. You may work with local organizations such as Catamount Arts and the Green Mountain Film Festival to gain hands-on experience in the field, but could also work with local businesses to design and shoot a commercial.

At NVU, you will gain the knowledge necessary to succeed in this aspect of the broad digital communications field. You will learn the skills and techniques of digital filmmaking, understand cinema as a creative art form, and gain an appreciation of the history of cinema as a foundation for original art, including your own.

Students in the cinema concentration will graduate ready for a career in advertising, corporate communications, local television commercial production, and independent filmmaking, too. They will get there through the hands-on learning environment at NVU.  Students are hands on with equipment starting in their first semester where they will use industry standard gear to create their films.  And then in their final year, students will create their own show or series of short films as a group as a part of their capstone experience.

brandon hunterMeet Our Students

Brandon has gained the skills he will need in the industry while at NVU, from pre-production planning to post-production tasks: “working with the camera and really being on a set, putting the film itself together, editing, and making different special effects,” he says. “We get to shoot our own things without many restrictions and work with actors.”

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At a Glance

Program Options:
Kingdom County Productions Semester Cinema View Degree Requirements

Madi Mogen '23

Madi “ran around and tried to capture everything” on film as a child. Moving around a lot with her family, using a digital camera allowed her to keep it all with her — and sparked her interest in cinema production. How did she choose NVU? “It came down to the tour. When I met with the professors, they made it really comfortable for me — even though I came in knowing nothing about the field.” Through Semester Cinema, a semester-long immersive program with Kingdom County Productions, Madi will gain experience in post-production work on a real film — and prepare for her career as a film editor.