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About the Concentration in Music

At Northern Vermont University, we combine classroom music instruction with hands-on production and on-stage performance. This multi-faceted approach will help you develop skills in music theory, composition, performance, and production — preparing you for a life-long career in music.

Be prepared to explore “the language of music” and learn how melody, harmony, and rhythm come together to make a piece of music pleasing to the ear. Then, you’ll compose your own music with the skills that you’ve learned. Through all your professional development there will opportunities for you to perform on stage on- and off-campus.

The concentration in music coupled with the Performance, Arts, and Technology core courses will help you build a well-rounded resume that includes traditional music training and creative design credits in new contemporary works.

Career-Ready Experiences

To prepare you for a career in music, faculty won’t run your shows — you will. You will write and direct your own shows, communicate with designers to create multi-media performances, and work alongside your talented peers to bring your work of art to life. By coordinating every aspect of a production, you’ll enter the world of professional music ready to run the show.

At a Glance

Program Options:
Students in this program graduate with a bachelor of arts degree in performance, art, and technology with a concentration in music.

Degree Requirements

Core Courses
Musical Skills I (2 credits)
Music Theory I (3 credits)
Musical Skills II (2 credits)
Music Theory II (3 credits)
Intro to Design (3 credits)
Performance Art Practicum: Collaboration Boot Camp (3 credits)
Devised Performance and Production Lab (6 credits)
Enrollment in Music Ensemble is required of all music students for every semester.

Production, Performance, and Design (15 credits)
Conducting I (3 credits)
Ensemble (4 credits)
Composition Lessons (2 credits)
Stagecraft (3 credits)
Sound and Light Design for Contemporary Performance (3 credits)

History (3 credits)
History of Performance (3 credits)

Electives (Choose one course)
Podcast Storytelling (3 credits)
Hitchcock’s Smartphone: The Making of Psychologically Engaging Short Videos (3 credits)
Shakespeare: Stage to Page (3 credits)
Improvisation for Actors (3 credits)
Acting III (3 credits)
Musical Theater Workshop (3 credits)
Survey of American Musical Theater (3 credits)
Theater/Musical Theater Production (3 credits)
Pro Tools 101: Intro (3 credits)*
Pro Tools 110: Production (3 credits)*

Capstone Courses (6 credits)
Senior Project in Performance, Art, and Technology (3 credits)
Seminar in Professional Preparation for the Performing Artist and Designer (3 credits)
*These courses are Summer Session courses offered at NVU-Lyndon.

A group of female actors wearing white perform on a stage.

“I was blown away by the theater program here…It seemed like there’s more effort in making plays great here rather than just reading lines to an audience.”

- Brittney Malik ’19


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