NVU Live Online

Introducing NVU Live Online

Since its launch, NVU Online has been providing high-quality, web-based Northern Vermont University degree programs for students looking for a flexible, affordable education. Our asynchronous course delivery model — meaning that you choose when you will do the coursework and homework in a given week — offers you independence and flexibility. For students who are balancing professional and personal demands in addition to pursuing a degree, this flexibility is an essential component toward making college possible.

Now, we're excited to offer a new option for students who want to augment the flexibility of online learning with a more personalized approach: NVU Live Online

Student-Centered. Flexible. Personalized.

NVU Live Online takes the flexibility offered by traditional, asynchronous online classes and adds a regularly scheduled synchronous meeting time. You can still participate from your own computers, (as well as from one of more than thirty telepresence sites located around the state of Vermont.), but you'll have the opportunity to have instantaneous conversations with the instructor and other students.You'll get the flexibility of online education with the student-centered, individualized focus of a physical classroom. 

Benefits of NVU Live Online

Immediacy: You can ask questions and receive immediate answers and feedback. Not quite grasping the concept? Your instructor can work with you right then and there to clarify. And direct screen sharing makes it so your instructor can walk you through a lesson, making it easier for you to follow.

Connection and Engagement: As a student in an NVU Live Online class, you'll feel more connected — to the subject matter, the instructor, and the class community. You'll be an active participant, engaging in class discussion and group work just as you would in a physical classroom.

Easier Transition from Campus-Based Classes: Many students find that synchronous classes make for an easier transition from traditional campus-based classes. The combination of individual work (class reading, homework, research) and the scheduled meeting is similar to campus-based classes, requiring less time and energy to adjust.

Accountability: Students must login at a certain time, be prepared for class (complete reading and assignments), and actively participate. This helps keep you on track and making progress toward succeeding in your coursework. 

Program Features

  • Consistent class schedule
  • Easy-to-use online learning platform
  • Instructors who are professionals in their field
  • Direct screen sharing with instructors
  • Perfect for Dual Enrollment high school students

2019 Featured NVU Live Online Courses

AHS-1010-NO21B-Health Issues Instructor: Wendy Cowan Wednesdays, 7 - 8 p.m. EST
Fall session (B),
7 weeks.
Students will complete a wellness inventory and use that to design and implement a Behavior Change Project. Previous student health-change goals have ranged from incorporating daily meditation to quitting smoking to overcoming social media addiction.

Through live online sessions once a week, students will engage in discussions about their Behavior Change Project and other course content and assignments.

ECO-2060-NO21-Survey of Economics Instructor: Sara Sheikh
7 - 8 p.m. EST
Fall session, 15 weeks.

Students start with micro topics: supply and demand, market structures, and elasticity to understand the macro level concepts like working of the central bank, GDP, inflation, unemployment, etc. 

Weekly quizzes and short essays should be expected as well as a weekly hour-long live session for discussion.

BUS-3131-NO21- Business Law I Instructor: Tom Ware Wednesdays 7 - 8 p.m. EST Fall session, 15 weeks.

This course is an introduction to the scope and terminology of the American legal system related to businesses: criminal law, torts, contract law, sales, real and personal property, business organizations, negotiable instruments, the Uniform Commercial Code and agency/employee relationships. 

During the weekly online meetings, instructor and students will discuss assignments, review the text, and create solutions to end of chapter cases in the textbook.

INT-3045-NO21A-The Bible: History Lit Spirit Instructor: Ray Lambert
7 - 8 p.m. EST
Fall session (A),
7 weeks.
The course is a group inquiry into the meanings and historical/cultural contexts of several books of the Old and New Testaments. Students must be open to learning through writing and discussions with classmates and the instructor. The course is not a forum for students to convince others about their religious beliefs or particular religious interpretations of biblical texts. Students will post short writing assignments as scheduled each week.

During the weekly online meetings, students will engage in discussions about the course content and assignments.

PSY-3250-NO21B-Multicultural Psy
Instructor: Rav Lahav
6 - 7 p.m. EST
Fall session (A),
7 weeks.

Multi-cultural encounters between individuals from different cultures and ethnicities are part of contemporary life, yet we are often not aware of their profound influence. This course will explore how culture shapes our lives, with a special emphasis on the nature of multicultural encounters. It will focus on issues such as differences in beliefs and attitudes, language and bodily gestures, gender, and sexual orientation, etc.

Students will take weekly quizzes and do the individual course, which students will do in their own free time during the week. During the weekly online meetings, students will engage in discussions about the course content and assignments. 


Bobbi Jo Carter, Associate Dean of Distance Education

Rhonda Osgood, NVU Online Assistant