Staying Safe at Northern Vermont University

Staying Safe at Northern Vermont University

Welcome to Northern Vermont University!

The Northern Vermont University campus communities are beautiful and peaceful. In order to keep it that way, we all must help keep our community safe by looking out for each other and caring about the well-being of everyone around us. This page outlines some common-sense things each of us can do to make sure that our campuses remain safe and healthy environments in which to learn and grow.

Northern Vermont University Medical Amnesty/Good Samaritan Policy

It is in the best interest of the NVU community that student health and safety emergencies are immediately reported to a university official. To encourage reporting health and safety concerns related to alcohol or drug use, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, or sexual harassment, NVU offers immunity from disciplinary action for lesser policy violations that students reporting may have committed. The university will consider educational opportunities or counseling referrals in such cases.

Key Phone Numbers

Add these numbers to your contacts:

Public Safety: 802.635.1205
Residence Life Hall Advisor on Duty: 802.730.3439
Dean of Students/Residence Life Office: 802.635.1200

Public Safety: 802.626.6452
Student Life Staff Member on Call: 802.274.3152 
Dean of Students/Residence Life Office: 802.626.6418