Student Wellness and Safety

Student Wellness and Safety

North isn’t just a sense of place. It’s a sense of purpose.

Our students are motivated achievers with exciting, ambitious career plans. At NVU, our supportive faculty and staff have the same mission as you — to help you earn your degree well-prepared to start your career. That’s why keeping our campuses safe and our students healthy are among our top priorities as they find and follow their direction.

Our small campuses are open, welcoming communities where people care about each other. Faculty, staff, and other students will know your name and want you to succeed. To help you make your impact while you’re at NVU, each campus offers counseling services if needed for your well-being and access to medical services.

We care about your well-being. 

Both campuses — which are tobacco-free — have a SHAPE (Student Health, Athletics and Physical Education) Center with gyms, a pool, and a full range of other fitness facilities and options. Do you like to spend your down time outside? Each of our campuses offers outstanding recreational opportunities, from intramural sports and skiing at top Northeast resorts nearby to campus skate and terrain parks, disc golf courses, and much more. There are many other options for your leisure time, including clubs of all kinds and social activities, that will help you stay connected to other students.

Vermont is fortunate to be a lower-crime state, and our campuses are in peaceful, beautiful locations. Each campus has a Public Safety Office that provides campus security patrols, assistance with emergencies, and fun workshops that address issues facing college students, like substance use, consent, and other topics that impact student wellbeing.