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A Vision for the Future

A Learning and Working Community

The NVU Strong Advisory Committee presented a bold and exciting vision for Northern Vermont University today, one that will develop a unique niche for NVU within the Vermont State Colleges System and the Northeast and help strengthen NVU for generations to come.

Explained more fully in Northern Vermont University: A Learning and Working Community: A Vision for the Future the committee envisions:

Northern Vermont University will be a vibrant Learning and Working Community for lifelong learners. Students will gain professional skills and a liberal arts foundation through integrated work and academic learning. The NVU curriculum, in collaboration and in alignment with partners from diverse industry sectors, will connect students, faculty, and career professionals in hubs of work, action, service, and learning, on-campus, at the work site, and across the region.

NVU degree programs will integrate academic learning objectives with career-oriented learning experiences, requiring students to engage in work experiences through internships, cooperative learning, and on-campus jobs. A range of stackable credentials and degrees and an array of delivery models will provide the flexibility learners need. In turn, a thriving NVU Learning and Working Community will strengthen and revitalize the region’s economy and workforce.

“We are excited about the vision for NVU developed by the NVU Strong Advisory Committee,” said NVU Provost Nolan Atkins, Chair of Committee. “By evolving our business model to better meet the emerging and future needs of our students, NVU will provide impactful economic and workforce benefits to our local and regional communities. NVU will have thriving and sustainable campuses; students will gain lifelong skills and make valuable future networking connections; and local businesses and nonprofits will have their labor needs met.”

The Committee’s recommendations will now be reviewed by NVU President Elaine Collins and the Executive Team as they work to build a model to ensure NVU thrives into the future to meet the higher education and workforce needs of the northern tier of Vermont.