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From here on out, everyone will feel our impact.

Northern Vermont University doesn’t focus just on community. We emphasize community involvement that’s creative, collaborative, and supports diversity and inclusion. That’s why each campus offers so many ways — outside the classroom — you can pursue your interests and explore new things, develop different skills, learn about yourself, and help other people.

Part of our high-impact education is the impact our students make on their campus community and the broader community. One way you can do that is through the clubs and organizations on our campuses that cover a huge range of interests — from the Student Government Association, NVU radio stations, and LGBTQ groups to science and wellness clubs and groups that do service projects in the U.S. and other countries.

And there’s always room for more. We encourage you to start clubs that meet new needs and make the campuses, the northern Vermont region, the state, and the world better places.

Johnson Campus Opportunities

With so many outlets on campus for you to get involved, you may have trouble deciding what you don’t have time for. Interested in writing for Basement Medicine, the student newspaper? Go for it. Want to speak up for the environment? Join Green Solutions to educate your peers about sustainability issues.

If you’re on one of our Badger athletic teams, help organize sports events for kids in the broader community through our Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Or as a peer mentor, you could be a resource for other students and plan residence hall activities. The possibilities seem endless. Learn more about clubs and organizations at NVU-Johnson.

Lyndon Campus Opportunities

If you want to meet more people outside the classroom, make friends, and open yourself up to a lot of fun experiences, you have many choices here. Our Student Involvement Fair each fall is a great way to learn about all the clubs and groups we offer.

Some of our student organizations have a national connection, including the Lyndon chapter of the Music and Entertainment Industry Students Association (MEISA). Others are unique to our campus, such as the Twilight Players performing arts group, one of Lyndon’s oldest organizations. Your options range from sports and outdoor recreation clubs to social groups and leadership opportunities — as well as anything you may dream up. Learn more about clubs and organizations at NVU-Lyndon.