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NVU Housing Policies

North is community.

Northern Vermont University students taking at least nine credits per semester are required to live on campus.

Students who meet one or more of these conditions may be automatically exempt from this policy:

  • Are age 24 or will turn 24 on or before the start of the spring semester
  • Are married or partners of a civil union
  • Are a parent with custody of their child(ren)
  • Are completing an internship, teaching practicum or assistantship* beyond the Johnson or Lyndonville area
  • Have already lived on a college campus for four semesters
  • Have completed 60 or more credits

* Teaching assistantship, practicum, or internship must meet these criteria:

  • Necessary to fulfill graduation requirements
  • Occurs off-site 30 or more miles from your home campus
  • Requires 480 or more hours for the semester
  • The assistantship, practicum, or internship must appear on the student’s schedule for the semester in which the exemption is requested.

Housing Applications

Students who have signed a Housing Application are responsible for fulfilling their contractual obligation for the full academic year. You can find the NVU Housing Application here.

Room Deposits

All students living on campus pay a $100 room deposit. (This is included in the admissions deposit paid by new students.) Returning students must pay this deposit before they can select their room for the upcoming academic year in April. Students will not be guaranteed their room of choice until the deposit is received. Students offered a College Apartment (Johnson campus only) are required to submit an additional security deposit of $300 and sign an additional lease agreement before receiving authorization to occupy the apartment.

For the complete version of the Northern Vermont University Housing Policy, consult the Student Handbook of Rights and Responsibilities.

Grounds for Exemption from the NVU Housing Policy

Students who do not meet the criteria above may still apply for exemption. The following are acceptable grounds:

  • Commuting from home. To qualify for this exemption, the student must commute from the home of their parent or guardian, and home must be within 30 driving miles of the campus their program will be housed.
  • Financial Reasons. NVU Student Financial Services will review and make a recommendation on these requests.
  • Disability. Requests in this category must be supported by documentation of the disability and a recommendation from the coordinator of disability services or other qualified staff in Academic Support Services.
  • Health Reasons. Documentation attesting to the existence of a health condition and whether it is aggravated specifically by living on campus must be provided to the Health and Counseling Center/Wellness Center for review by the appropriate NVU employee, who will then make a recommendation to the Housing Review Committee.
  • Extraordinary circumstances.

How to Apply for An Exemption from the NVU Housing Policy

You must complete a Housing and Meal Review Form and provide any other required documentation along with your request for an exemption. The Office of Residence Life on your campus must receive your completed form:

  • By April 1 if you are a current student requesting exemption for the fall semester
  • By December 1 if you are requesting exemption for the spring semester
  • By July 1 if you are a new student requesting exemption for the fall semester

The Housing Review Committee reviews requests promptly and provides a written reply. Decisions of the Housing Review Committee are final.