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Johnson Wellness Center

Medical and Mental Health Services, Immunization, and More

We care about your well-being.

The Wellness Center is located at Senators Hall South (basement level) and is open and staffed Monday—Thursday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m.-noon while classes are in session. To make an appointment stop in or phone the reception desk at 802.635.1265. Fax number: 802.635.1292.

For medical-related needs, NVU-Johnson does not have a health center on campus. Therefore, for medical related needs, we will provide transportation to our local health care facilities located in Morrisville Vermont, which is 8 miles from our campus. In addition, the NVU-Johnson provides transportation and other services as needed to Copley Hospital, Mansfield Orthopedics and other medical facilities in the region. Students needing medical attention contact the staff assistant in the Dean of Students Office who will assist in arranging transportation as needed.

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NVU-Johnson does not have a health center on campus. Therefore, for medical related needs, we have partnered with Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley (CHSLV), specifically the Morrisville Family Health Services (MFHS) facility, located approximately eight miles from campus, to provide more substantial health care services to our students. The MFHS staff consists of medical doctors, family nurse practitioners and registered nurses.

How to Make an Appointment for Medical Services

Students must first contact MFHS to secure an appointment. Students who are experiencing significant medical concerns will be given a priority appointment Monday through Friday from 1-3 p.m.*. All other non-urgent medical needs will be scheduled as appropriate by the MFHS staff.

Students are able to secure an appointment with MFHS by:

  • Calling MFHS directly at 888.5639. Please identify yourself as a NVU-Johnson student


  • Calling the Wellness Center at 635.1265 or stopping by the office in Senators Hall for guidance from the staff assistant and/or to secure a seat on the shuttle service, if needed.
  • Students not reliant on the campus’s shuttle service, may schedule an appointment outside of the hours mentioned above.

MFHS Hours

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday: 8:30 a.m. – 11 a.m. walk-in clinic hours

*Please note: Students will be required to bring their insurance card and money or check for a co-payment (if applicable) to MFHS

The Wellness Center is located at Senators Hall South (basement level) and is open and staffed Monday—Friday while classes are in session. To make an appointment, stop in or phone the reception desk at 802.635.1265.

Services Offered

  • Single session consults
  • Stress management and wellness consultations
  • Individual, group, and couples counseling
  • Relaxation room
  • Outreach and prevention programming

We have a holistic, developmental approach to supporting students as you make this life-changing transition to and through college. We offer a continuum of services from wellness and stress management consultation to clinical counseling and crisis services at an out-patient level of care.

Clinical Services

  • Assessment
  • Symptom management
  • Harm reduction
  • Skills acquisition and development
  • Self-care improvement
  • Increasing healthy and caring social supports
  • Meaning making
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Enhancing personal strengths, using a variety of best practice modalities, individualized to your needs

Relaxation Room Offerings

  • Light therapy and biofeedback
  • Aroma therapy
  • Soothing sounds
  • Himalayan salt lamps
  • Sand tray
  • Fidgets
  • Buddha board
  • Meditations
  • Art therapy

The relaxation room is available to all NVU-Johnson students and is open when the Wellness Center is open. No appointment necessary.

Services the Wellness Center Does Not Provide

The Wellness Center typically addressed the following issues through referral:

  • Medication management
    Severe substance abuse/treatment
    Eating disorders
    Psychiatric evaluation

The Wellness Center will provide a list of off campus resources in the surrounding area for issues that are outside our scope of expertise.


Our staff includes professional licensed clinicians that are highly skilled and passionate about working with college students. We also have skilled masters level graduate clinical counseling interns supervised by our professional staff. For students needing care beyond the scope and credentials of our clinicians or who are currently taking prescription medication for mental health needs, it is important to plan for continuation of services with a local counselor or therapist. We highly recommend that you consult with your current provider to discuss continuation of medication and ongoing therapy.

The Wellness Center Staff can assist in referrals to mental health specialists in the local community.

To Schedule an Appointment

We prefer you to walk in to schedule appointments, call 802.635.1265, or email the Wellness Center at

If you are in distress, crisis, or feel your need to see someone is urgent, you are encouraged to indicate that upon arrival to the reception window and you will be seen right away or the same day depending on level of urgency.

After-Hours/Weekend Assistance

In the event that a mental health crisis occurs after our regular business hours, seek assistance from Residence Hall staff or Public Safety who will support you in the moment and connect you with the local community mental health crisis services: 802.888.5026, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. | 802.888.8888, 4 p.m. – 8 a.m. and weekends


There are no co-pays or fees for services rendered at the Wellness Center.

As part of our commitment to health and wellness promotion and to be in compliance with the Vermont State law, students are required to complete and return an Immunization Record and a Health Questionnaire.

Paperwork related to these requirements can be found online on the Next Steps Checklist.

Students will not be permitted to register for future academic classes or participate in a varsity sport until the immunization record is completed and received at the Wellness Center.

Exemptions for immunization requirements may only be granted for medical or religious reasons.

For questions related to the Vermont State Health Requirements for post-secondary students, contact the NVU-Johnson Wellness Center at 802.635.1265. For additional information on Vermont’s immunization laws, vaccine requirements, exemption forms, and related information, visit the Vermont Department of Health website or call the immunization program at 800.464.4343, ext. 7638.

NVU-Johnson Immunization Form

2020-21 Immunization Compliance Report

Click to view the most recent immunization compliance report from NVU-Johnson.

Wellfleet Student is the health insurance students will have and be billed for if they are not already insured either under their parent or other source. Proof of other insurance coverage is required at the Student Administrative Services (SAS) Office. You can visit the Wellfleet Student website for more information. The Northern Vermont University Student Administrative Services Office can also answer questions related to the health insurance requirement or the health insurance coverage provided by Wellfleet Student.

Part-time students are not eligible for Wellfleet Student.