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Aram Bedrosian

Part-time Faculty, Performing Arts

About Aram Bedrosian

Born and raised in Burlington, Aram Bedrosian earned his degree at The University of Vermont where he studied classical and jazz performance and composition. He has performed and recorded all over the county as a soloist and ensemble player, and instructed students from all over the world via clinics, music camps, and private lessons. His solo compositions have earned him international acclaim, 25,000 YouTube subscribers, and glowing reviews in magazines such as Bass Player and Bass Guitarist. “In a world that has been so lucky to hear the innovations of Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, and Les Claypool, the performances on this album are no less significant in their brilliant, technical radiance….Weighing in at only half an hour, Aram Bedrosian is a musical onslaught of beauty and ambition…. a significant work to be recognized not only in the Northeast but throughout the world.” – Northeast Performer

He’s also the founder of The Burlington Music Dojo, a collective of independent Vermont instructors based in Burlington, and is a frequent contributor to the Bass Players United online community.

His essential teaching philosophy is centered on relaxed positive reinforcement and adapting the teaching of essential knowledge to the student’s particular learning style.